Growing Pains

I can’t seem to be the teacher that I want to be.

I don’t know if it’s inexperience, or the fact I have to conform to someone else’s classroom during my student teaching, or my guarded personality, or the stress of high expectations from others, or the fact I’m just so exhausted everyday, or just…all of the above.

I want my students to become independent thinkers; so they can sift through the abundance of information and manipulation out there in the world and discover the truth. I want my students to become strong; so they can fight for what’s right even when they’re too scared to. I want my students to become communicators; so they can be responsible for their own learning and become a producer of information. I want my students to be unafraid of their own mistakes, to be be critical thinkers, to be informed, and to be confident in their own ability to persevere.

I just don’t know how. I’ll try to find a way though.