Growing Pains

I can’t seem to be the teacher that I want to be.

I don’t know if it’s inexperience, or the fact I have to conform to someone else’s classroom during my student teaching, or my guarded personality, or the stress of high expectations from others, or the fact I’m just so exhausted everyday, or just…all of the above.

I want my students to become independent thinkers; so they can sift through the abundance of information and manipulation out there in the world and discover the truth. I want my students to become strong; so they can fight for what’s right even when they’re too scared to. I want my students to become communicators; so they can be responsible for their own learning and become a producer of information. I want my students to be unafraid of their own mistakes, to be be critical thinkers, to be informed, and to be confident in their own ability to persevere.

I just don’t know how. I’ll try to find a way though.


Math 8 – wrapping up angles & triangles

Yesterday, we finished Unit 5: Angles, Transversals, and Triangles by giving out the Essential Standards Test (EST), and 82% of the class met the standard. I have a feeling 2 out of the 5 students who scored a 2.0 or below could’ve passed if I had just been better in my time management. Students will be able to retake it during tutorial, so I think the chances of everyone passing are pretty high. Although it feels like I’m not doing a good job (and I’m actually probably not), it’s good to celebrate these scores, I think, at least to keep up my sanity.

Anyway, I’ve made 3 graphic organizers to help sum up the lessons, and the students were put into groups of 4 for the first time. Some enjoyed the change, but others enjoyed it a little too much…but anyway! Students were given instructions to fill out the graphic organizers as a group and were given approximately 10 minutes per sheet before coming together as a class. The sheets were given out one at a time; the class would preview a sheet, and a student from the group would retrieve a stack for their group.

There were some nice discussions going around in some groups, but they were a minority, as most groups didn’t work together very well and often did their own thing. Although I gave one person a job to make sure everyone was on task, it didn’t quite work as most forgot that job was given out.

Things to consider:

  • Make jobs clear and give everyone in the group a job (facilitator, task manager, recorder, resource manager, and etc.)
  • Have clearer written instructions prepared
  • Should’ve sent that student out if they were constantly being disruptive
  • Need a louder voice
  • Continue to give the schedule of the day at the beginning of class?

Attached the graphic organizers and teacher’s notes version.

Angles OrganizerTheorem OrganizerAngles Teacher NotesTheorem Organizer Teacher NotesPythagorean Th Teacher Notes